Installing the SCCM Administrator Console with Required MDT Extensions


There are several components that must be installed to fully edit Task Sequences within the UoL SCCM Administrator Console. This is due to the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit integrations. The MDT has been installed as it offers extended benefits when creating image deployments using Task Sequences, such as extra Task Sequence variables and pre-configured functionality which improve the imaging experience.

The components required are as follows;

  • Windows Assessment & Deployment Kit – ADK v10.1.14393
  • Microsoft Deployment Toolkit – MDT v8443
  • SCCM Administrator Console
  • SCCM Administrator Console Updates

These components are available here;


Within the folder there is an install .cmd script which will install the components in the relevant order. If there are any issues with the .cmd, the components can be installed individually using the command lines in the batch file.

The installation must be run as an Administrator on the local machine.

Once the installation completes, it is necessary to run the ConfigMgr integration wizard which is part of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit. Without these integrations, attempts to edit Task Sequences within the SCCM Administrator Console will generate errors.

Go to the Start Menu after the above installations have completed, and browse to the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit folder, and right-click, Configure ConfigMgr Integrations.

From the resulting context menu, click, Run as Administrator. The account used must also have permissions to Administer SCCM. If the account does not have permissions, they can be requested through the Desktop Development Team.

The wizard will appear with the relevant settings configured, click, Next.

Close out of the wizard. To check the integrations installed, go to the SCCM Administrator Console in the Start Menu and run it.

Browse to Software Library and right-click, the Task Sequences node. The following option should be available on the resulting context menu.

If you are unable to see the Software Library, or the Task Sequences node, please contact the Desktop Development Team to have your permissions amended to include these elements.