Boot Media Image Creation

This is for SCCM Administrators only – and should be done only when necessary (i.e. when a new Task Sequence is released and new boot media required for driver updates)

  • In the SCCM console, navigate to ‘Software’ and then ‘Operating Systems’ and then ‘Task Sequences’.
  • Select ‘Create Task Sequence Media’ from the ribbon bar.
  • Select ‘Bootable Media’

  • Select ‘Site-based media’

  • Select “CD/DVD set”
  • Set the location where to save the .iso file, currently stored in:
    with a file name representing the Boot Image being used, and the server name, like:
    “SCCM MDT Production 171120 x64 dscfgman1.iso”

  • Select ‘Enable unknown computer support’
  • Select ‘Protect media with a password’ and then enter the current media password ‘unify’ in both boxes to confirm
  • Select an expiry date on the self-signed media certificate, perhaps 2 years should be enough..

  • Select the ‘Boot Image’ you wish to use
  • Select a ‘Distribution Point’ to use in order to build the boot media (one off – not stored in the output .iso)
  • Select the current primary Management Point – usually:
    • (primary MP)
    • (use as a backup if #1 not working)

  • There are no variables or prestart commands set

  • Click next if all looks ok and matches your selections

  • … all done!